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Is Your Home Summer-Fit?

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

There’s something about the warmer months that make us want to completely refresh our living spaces. Bringing the outside in is one of our favourite ways to make a room feel alive but it isn’t just about a little greenery here and there. It’s also about integrating a seasonal flow inside that reflects the world outside to create a synergy within our homes that feels organic.

Here's how we’re updating our styling to make things feel refreshed this summer:

  1. Refresh Your Textiles

Shedding our winter layers and bringing in airy fabrics, vibrant patterns and lighter tones creates the feeling of openness and space within our homes like nothing else. It’s amazing what switching out a throw and a few cushions will do but that doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul what you already have. Try moving things around from room to room, adding and subtracting and experimenting with different combinations to see what you can come up with. If you don’t have a stock of textiles consider investing in a few key pieces that you can rotate and use for years to come. We love to use baskets to store away our layers and its always fun digging through them next year to rediscover something in a new way. Plus, they make for added texture and interest wherever they are placed, double win!

Our Pick of New Summer Textiles

2. Add Life With Greenery

We already mentioned the effect of bringing some of the outdoors in. There’s nothing better than using your surroundings as inspiration. Walk outside with some clippers, look high and low and find something that speaks to you. It can be as simple as a dried branch with an interesting texture. Not only is this free but it only takes a little bit to go a long way. Place a simple structural budding stem in a jar or console table, dining table or really any table! You’ll be surprised at how much it adds to the room. We love using stems to add height to a scape as well. One way to do this even better is through a really great vase with some structure and weight to it.

Our Favourite Vases

3. Add Functional Storage

If you want a full refresh think about adding pretty yet functional storage wherever you can to make tidying up a bit more enjoyable. We use baskets and trays throughout our house so that we have a way or organising our things. Because the truth is, no matter how much space you have or how organized you are there are always those little things that just need a more accessible place to land. Look around your home and make a list of the top 5/10 things that are left out or don’t have a home on a daily basis. Maybe it’s that pile of shoes in your entryway, your kids toys in the living room, game controllers on the coffee table or markers and crayons in the dining room. Once you have your list, account for the size of home those objects need and pair them up with a solution. We love using large baskets in the living room for throws or toys, smaller baskets in the entryway for shoes and trays or bowls on coffee tables.

The Best Storage Solutions

4. Update Your Kitcheneware

When you think of summer you think tea towels right?! Maybe not, but if we’re honest fresh kitchen linens, crockery and glassware sound pretty game changing right now. Like pillows and throws it’s amazing what switching out a worn down or darker towel for a lighter option can do – give it a go and see the change it will bring.

Kitchen newness

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