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Let There Be Space

Our favourite ways to create an elevated, airy space in even the tiniest of flats!

Incorporate reflective surfaces

Natural light creates the illusion of space, and mirrors create the illusion of natural light, so even in dark spaces or small, windowless corners, a mirror can help expand the look. If you don’t have room for a mirror, try other reflective materials to create a similar effect. Anything from light-bouncing backsplash tiles to metallic decor will help create a sense of spaciousness.

Utilise furniture with legs

One of the most important elements of a balanced design is the distribution of weight, and in smaller rooms, choosing pieces with lighter silhouettes helps open up the space.

Our favourite way to achieve this is by selecting focal pieces with legs to create the feeling of more floor room. For example, even if your sofa is on a solid base, adding a legged coffee table, side table or console would create more balance, making the look feel light and airy.

Grounding the space with neutral tones

Neutral tones on walls and ceilings will blur boundaries and elongate sight lines, making it seem as though the walls go on forever! Stick to neutral hues to bring in that feeling of spaciousness. Neutral tones in your window treatments and soft furnishings will complement. the light and airy feeling you are trying to create.

Play with scale

If you have a small space, resist the urge to fill it with small pieces. A large, substantial item of furniture or piece of artwork will provide a focal point, giving the eye a place to rest, in turn making the room feel bigger. Try replacing a gallery wall with one large scale art piece or switching up your coffee table styling to incorporate two more significant sized pieces rather than five little things, this trick can elevate nearly any room. Call in to our Crouch End store to see the full range of artworks available.

Layer your lighting

Bringing dimension to a design can be done easily with layers of lighting, especially overhead statement pieces that draw the eye up and make the room look taller.

Adding in lighting at different levels like table and floor lamps can illuminate dim corners and create the feeling of a larger more spacious room.

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