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Transition into Autumn

Easing back in to a post-summer routine, we all crave cozying up in our living spaces for the season ahead. Mixing material elements is a simple way to create an autumnal mood in your home. This season, we’re layering raw and cosy fabrics, rustic and glazed ceramics and textural details like boucle and marble to invite a cozy atmosphere to our spaces.


Furniture is foundational in setting the tone. Graceful curves and inviting textures as seen on our Memphis armchair will make your living space as easy on the mind as it is on the eyes. We are contrasting this softness with our beautiful Ynez side table; the aged brass base and contrasting marble top will add further texture and depth to your space.


As evenings begin to darken, we look to create pockets of light with soft, ambient lighting. Varying light sources and levels will create intrigue for the eye and help create that sense of coziness that we ae all craving. Aim to introduce floor and table lamps alongside overhead lighting to create a cohesive space.


Texture, warmth and calming palettes can all be introduced through carefully selected soft furnishings. When you ae thinking about your room scheme, aim to combine different finishings such as jute, cotton, wool, block prints and raw edges to add a touch of personality.


The accessories you choose will bring the whole space together. Organic, earthy glazes and geometric shapes play nicely against larges scales pieces when styled on consoles, coffee and side tables. Look to use textural baskets that double as storage to organize your living space and give everything a home.

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