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Styling Vintage in a Modern Home

Mid century desk and chair

Vintage décor adds character, depth and texture to a space, telling the story of who lives in the home. Steeped in history and full of stories, these items add character to spaces that can sometimes feel stale. Layering vintage décor throughout your home will provide a sense of considered curation and elevate your interiors.

Vintage décor styling can easily go from pretty to cramped so try to give your pieces room to breathe. Maybe that vintage vase needs some modern coffee table books and a pretty candle next to it. When mixing vintage finds with more modern styling elements, we often find the vintage piece holds more weight and significance. Let the vintage piece take the foreground and have its moment. As always experiment with what feels right and balanced until you have the perfect mix and remember to keep to similar tones but mix your materiality.

Gateway Vintage Homeware

Mid-century sideboard: Practical, beautiful and full of character, what’s not to love. A sideboard will become your most loved and used pieces of furniture and will last you forever.

Mid century sideboard
White & Newton Sideboard

A statement vase: Adding texture and depth to your styling elements. Look for something that speaks to your soul and you will find that you can easily style it alongside more modern pieces to create a comprehensive vignette.

Vintage jug
West German Vintage Jug

A conversation piece: Vintage décor lets us tell a story. Find out the background to your vintage find, how old it is, how it has ended up at your home. You will often find your new cherished item has travelled miles and years to make it to you!

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